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If your situation involves working with others to achieve results or focusing on your own growth and development, we will partner with you to tailor-design a process or a program
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  • Forward planning
    Wanting to establish an agreed
    direction and to make it happen
    Establishing vision, mission and values
    Strategic planning
    Tourism planning
    Marketing and business planning
    Action planning

    Nearing the completion of their current 3 year strategic plan, the client was about to embark on setting the direction for the next 3 years, with a desire to stretch the status quo from being a good organisation to great.


    If the stretch was to be achieved, this required different thinking to be generated, while building on what was working well to a new level.

    Folded into the strategic planning process was a range of methodologies engaging the organisation’s Board, staff, industry and stakeholders. Central to the process was the inclusion of a fishbowl of external thought-leaders to disrupt current thinking in order to expose alternate perspectives and new opportunities.


    The development of an aspirational three year strategic plan with innovative direction to inspire and build on organisational growth.

  • Strategic thinking
    Exploring the bigger picture to create breakthrough possibilities
    Critical thinking
    Idea generation
    Tapping into collective thought
    Identifying the patterns and essence of conversations

    Past engagement approaches involving multiple stakeholders had resulted in limited impact. The client’s aim was to break from the past and present a new way to create collaborative stakeholder energy around the things that matter. This required breakthrough thinking.


    The process needed to find a catalyst to re-engage and re-energise involvement. Research revealed a common market for the stakeholders which generated $2.6 billion into their local economies. We found the spark. An invitation to all Greater Melbourne Local Government Authorities resulted in a 90% acceptance to find ways to capitalise on this hidden market. The staged process worked in geographic clusters first to identify potential themes. The final stage bought together all stakeholders to work together to agree a few collaborative concepts that they wanted to participate in and be involved in actioning. Three collaborative concepts emerged.


    The collaborative concepts were shaped into tangible collaborative projects.

  • Leadership coaching
    Building self awareness and capability of existing and emerging leaders
    Executive coaching
    Self awareness and development
    Time to Think CoachingTM
    Mentoring in a Thinking EnvironmentTM
    Thinking PartnershipTM

    A staff survey had identified leadership issues, which came as a surprise to the management team.


    Working with the leader, the process involved understanding what was wanting to be achieved in light of the survey results. The coaching program encompassed building on leadership strengths and uncovering leadership gaps to provide a development path forward. Utilising the Enneagram as a map which illuminates the nine distinct ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, a unique development path was created and was the basis for their coaching.


    The leader’s development path continues, with a greater awareness of self and their impact on others.

  • Team development
    Bringing out their best of the group and building collaborative responsibility and action
    Realising collaborative potential
    Developing team strategy and action planning
    Building team capability
    Mentoring in a Thinking EnvironmentTM
    Thinking EnvironmentTM
    Transforming MeetingsTM

    When a change in the business environment revealed the team was feeling disempowered when it came to making decisions, the opportunity came to consider a way to build team confidence and resilience.


    Given that the quality of decision making is dependent on the quality of the thinking we do first, the team was introduced to a leadership framework known as the Thinking EnvironmentTM. The Thinking EnvironmentTM provided a set of conditions that encouraged great individual and group thinking which in turn, supported a team culture that was imaginative, courageous, collaborative and productive.


    A team that has an alternate way of thinking and working together, building on their leadership skills and strengthening their resilience in challenging times.

  • Stakeholder engagement
    Listening and understanding what is important at the grassroots
    Having conversations that matter
    Finding collaborative solutions
    Informing direction setting

    Imagine when the client puts forward the challenge to engage multiple stakeholders to develop an agreed direction that would enhance the visitor experience in their region. This called for a different consultative approach.


    Whilst the development of a five year tourism plan was the main deliverable, it was the opportunity to gather diverse perspectives from - residents, business, industry, council staff and councillors, local and state government. Central to the stakeholder engagement was the personal recruitment and working closely with a group of municipal champions who provided grass roots understanding to the project and who supported shaping the underlying principles and direction of the plan.


    A five year directional tourism plan endorsed by Council that focused on enhancing the visitor experience by working in partnership with its community and businesses to support implementation.

Our Programs
To realise people’s potential we offer programs that build capability through interactive learning and development opportunities
  • Achieving Results Through Others – Leading Through Facilitating
    If you lead a team, head up a project committee, are a chair of a volunteer board or working group, or you develop plans, create agendas or make decisions with others, you will find yourself in a position of having to engage others to work together to achieve results. At the core of all these skills lies facilitation.

    Achieving Results Through Others – Leading through Facilitating is a comprehensive program designed to build and strengthen your capability to become a great facilitative leader. You will improve the way you engage, collaborate and relate to the people you are working with, and in turn be much better placed to achieve the best from them. To register, click here:

  • Thinking EnvironmentTM – A Powerful Framework For Thinking
    We know that everything we do depends on the quality of thinking we do first. Imagine if we could create the conditions that ensured the best possible thinking.

    The Thinking EnvironmentTM is a set of conditions under which people feel encouraged, valued and appreciated and therefore can create and think for themselves. It enables groups, teams, organisations to establish a culture where they work together in a way that is respectful, collaborative and productive.

    Practiced globally the Thinking EnvironmentTMcomprises a suite of programs and work applications that facilitates quality thinking from individuals and groups to bring out their best thinking often with breakthrough results.


    What advantage does a Thinking EnvironmentTM bring ?

    For further information, visit Time to Think website

Delivery Formats
Our customised approach can support your unique situation across a range of approaches
Engaging and interactive processes for small or large groups that enable the group to be productive and effective
Facilitative consulting approach that encourages difference in order to find opportunity for an integrated direction
Leadership growth through methodologies that offer generative listening and insightful questioning
Strengthening capability through learning and development programs that are based on your specific needs